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Who is JollyPostie

JollyPostie is a search engine for Email Newsletters. At the forefront of fashion, JollyPostie’s listed more than 100,000 online stores and brands, covering aspects as Fashion & Apparel, Beauty & Health, Electronics, Home & Decor, Department Stores, Entertainment, Travel and more. At JollyPostie, you can check the latest emails of these brands and get their discount information, such as Sign Up Discount, First Order Discount, Free Shipping and other coupon codes. Besides, you’d be the first to know about their new arrivals. 


It's all about our efforts at JollyPostie to make it easy and quick for people to get the latest product information and best prices when shopping online. We take pleasure in freeing our users' emails. Our goal is to collect all emails from major brands and retailers around the world, to provide JollyPostie users with first-hand product information and discounts, so that they have sufficient information before shopping, and don't miss any discounts during shopping. 

From now on, with JollyPostie providing one-stop free service, you no longer need subscribe to emails of brands yourself.